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You will find excerpts of my adventures in the world of real estate investing.  Being a landlord, flipper/wholesaler, rehabber, and/or private money lender,  my experiences can help broaden your knowledge and increase your odds of true wealth creation through the investment vehicle called: real estate.

Feel free to browse through my bio or through the blogs.   Post any questions or thoughts that come to mind.   Without pushing one another -neither of us will grow.


Do you have what it takes to rise above the clouds? You will either need to contribute time, energy, and/or money to excel.  It takes many years of compounding and educated investment decisions for this to truly become passive.  So if your in the minority and have what it takes, welcome to the most exciting, dynamic,  and rewarding vehicle in creating tremendous wealth….



NOTE: Please bear with our site as a major technical glitch has occurred  at the beginning of 2011, resulting in the rebuilding of the pages -slowly, we will get all the links, pages, and layouts restored.


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If your new to real estate investing -Welcome.   I would encourage you to get all the free advice you can; whether it be via the internet, books, and through networking.   Look for a local Real Estate and/or Landlord Investment Group.  Try Google with those terms and your City/State.

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Get educated.  Go slow. Outline goals and  make  plan with the steps needed.  Then take action -but remember “Go Slow” until one truly knows the plan works. I started with a rental.  For a quick look at my thoughts,  check out “A Way To Wealth With Rentals:A Tale to Landlording That Anybody Can Replicate “.

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