Passion is the Key to Life -Not to Mention Real Estate Investing!

I’ve had a whirlwind couple of months as our local real estate markets have been heating up for the real estate investor who knows how to take advantage of the distortions and execute.  At the same time, I’ve added on a new operation to my set of investments &  businesses.  I will say that I haven’t felt this fulfilled, impassioned, and energized in my endeavors since I launched my hard money lending operations in 2003-2004.   The moment is here and now. If your a real estate investor and you haven’t done so already -stand up, start dipping your toe in the water, and take action.

Passion is the key!  Faith,  belief,  and the conviction to move forward despite the static that swirls all around you.  That is what it will take to not only survive but thrive in real estate (and any other direction in your life).  We all know there is alot of static in the world of real estate.  Let’s just get real and call that tsunami that officially hit in 2008 -crippling our financial markets and putting the death grip on any future real estate growth the official moment that “the real estate depression”  hit.  We all know friends, relatives, and acquaintances that took large losses if not losing it all -some of us were caught with our pants down.

Personally,  I’m going through a phase of some 80% offense (venturing forward into new investments &  opportunities) and 20% defense (still facing some challenges of investments made at or near the peak).  And as if you hadn’t noticed, a point of reflection.  This is quite the opposite of 2008-2009 when I went to peak cash positions and triage mode to move out any rehab-to-retails investments I had to take back from my hard/private money lending operations.  Lots of shells, 1/2 completions, and finished product that just wouldn’t come close to cash flowing if turned into rentals.   Here’s some thoughts I posted back in 11/2009 in “You Can’t Handle The Truth”We’ve not hit the bottom; however, opportunities (as I’ve been saying in previous articles) are here.

One thing that has struck out in my reflections is the character of people: whether it be your family, friends,  acquaintances,  passerby-er’s,  or even yourself.  The worst of times will bring out the worst in people.  Fear,    Greed, and ego thrive.  In the go-go days, I often told people to leave your greed and ego at home and tuck your gratitude in your pocket before you go out into the World everyday.  Boy -aren’t those words to live by!

What struck out was how the naysayers have come out of the woodwork.  Letting you know what you can and cannot do.  Of course 99% would never know as they never do anything.   Also, in times of weakness others may try to feast on your vulnerability.  While others will simply take their game to the corners of the room fearing to be outed for what they are.  I may have come across harsh towards real estate marketer’s (guru isn’t appropiate) whom sold their wares and shouted buy right through the peaking real estate markets.  Truth is some didn’t (and still don’t) care about you or I -they just wanted to sell a coarse.  Ego &  Greed.

Let’s never forget the rules:

  • People before profits
  • Lead by example

Those who know me often call me conservative.  Want to know why? Sure I’m afraid (at times) to take a loss; but most importantly I’m afraid that you’ll be susceptible  to a loss when listening to my opinion.   I want to make sure I do everything I can to insulate someone from problems when following my thoughts; unfortunately, some still won’t listen when asking but most unfortunate is that 99% is execution and only 1% -the advice.

So where is your passion?  Are you pursuing it!?!

Where’s mine?  I love real estate.  I am making new investments; however, I’m not going full force -at least at this moment.  This is passion number #1.  Unfortunately, I like to work and fill my day with challenges.  That is were my new internet operation comes into play.  I have unleashed a new set of challenges that I wake up wanting more of…some skills that can (and will) be applied to real estate too.  What I’ve also re-discovered is courage to forge forward (in new directions).   You see there are times that we need to identify,  quantify,  and face our fears.  This is when true growth occurs.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with another real estate investor over the past year on regular intervals.  20% of the time is about real estate -the other is about personal growth.   I’m not sure whom has helped whom more?  That time has helped me face my realities and commit to taking action on goals.  I’m looking to push myself more with public speaking, technology, and marketing.   Will my over-all tools and plan of attack change?  No.   I’m going to harvest this passion and take full advantage of the energy to move forward in life.

The moment is here &  now.

Written by Tyler McCracken

Local Real Estate Investor & Hard Money Lender in Charlotte, NC - Read Bio at our "About Us" page on the top right of this page.