My name is Tyler McCracken and I’ve been actively investing in residential and commercial real estate in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1994.  I turned my first home into a rental and was off to the races.   I’ve owned 100+ rental units maxing out with 59 held at one time.   I’ve wholesaled and performed many rehab to retail deals.

Gray Dog Investments, Inc. is my hard money / private money lending operation with hundreds of loans funded since 2003 in Charlotte, NC and now we also work the Savannah, GA real estate market too.  If you are seeking funding send me an email to:  tyler@graydoginvestments(d0t)com.  I’m also an active investor using self-directed IRA’s for lending, landlording, and/or the merchandising of property in Charlotte, NC.

  • Owned, managed,  and renovated single family residential rentals & small multifamily apartments ranging from 5 to 14 units in size.
  • Performed Rehab to Retail Renovations consisting of additions, full gut, structural, and/or new construction with single family homes and duet’s priced from $75k to $1.75 million in the Charlotte, North Carolina real estate market.
  • Wholesaled investment homes.
  • Funded flippers, wholesalers,  landlords, and rehabbers with their acquisitions and renovations of single family homes, multifamily, and commercial investment properties in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I believe a healthy balance (of different styles) of  investing in real estate is the proper way to create positive cash flow, minimize tax exposures, and create true wealth through the power of compounding.   I view real estate investments (rental property) as Long Term Retirement Packages.  Flipping, Wholesaling, Rehabbing, and Lending with real estate are methods of creating Short Term Cash Flow Generators to fund ones daily lifestyle and future investments whether your investing in Charlotte, North Carolina or anywhere else in the world.

  • Charlotte Landlord Association since 1994 (since merged into Metrolinareia)
  • Metrolina Real Estate Investor Association in Charlotte, North Carolina  since 1998  –
  • Co-Chair of Charlotte Landlord Subgroup 2010 – 2013
  • Metrolinareia Board of Directors  2008-2009
  • Metrolinareia -Treasurer    2008
  • North Carolina Realtor
  • Active Contributor to since 2001
  • Active Contributor to since 2008
  • Operates The Insole selling the largest selection & best insoles found anywhere

My formal corporate training has been in the world of Factoring (otherwise known as Account Receivable Financing).    I’ve been employed by Capital Factors, Inc. and the CIT Group.  Having managed unsecured commercial receivables in the $100MM to $350MM range within the apparel, furniture, and textile/yarn industries. It is this experience that provided my basis of financial analysis and the art of an interview -both necessary skills for identifying & acquiring value driven real estate investments and interviewing all parties to the game…

Gray Dog Investments, Inc. was named after our first Merle Great Dane -Norman.  He has since passed away and we are now blessed with Wyndell.




Marc Roberts

Good morning
I’m interested in pursuing money for wholesaling residential homes. I’ve attented a Fortune Builders seminar abd plan on taking their class in Charlotte.
Thank you for your response and advice.
Marc Roberts

Andrea Allen

Hi Tyler,

You have some fantastic advice! Thanks for sharing your insights. I have a home in clt that I’m renting out due to having to move 100 miles away. Could you suggest a good property manager? Thanks for your time!

Tyler McCracken


Sorry for the delay. If your still looking for a local property manager, please email as it all depends on the location and type of property you have. I will need more details to give the best of advice.

Mario Swaringen

i’m looking to try and start a food truck business. I would like to sit down and go over my business proposal.

Tyler McCracken


I am sorry for the delay in response. Quite truthfully my business is purely real estate investments. I would like to help; unfortunately, I may not be the best source. Have you contacted SCORE?


Hi Tyler, My name is Pat and I am wanting to renovate my basement for rental property to help with my monthly mortgage payments. I am on a budget and in need of a referral to a reasonably priced professional who can assist me, and investment assistance as well. I also need information and guidance on all the things I can do myself to cut cost.

Tyler McCracken

I would ask that you email (on this page) directly for an offline conversation. I can certainly help at trying to provide references but many factors to consider (such as legality of additional unit) if you want to convert extra space in your home into an additional residential rental unit.

Bryan Fowler


My name is Bryan, I am a real estate investor and looking for private money lenders in the Charlotte, NC area, are you still actively lending? Do you have a phone number you can be contacted by?

Tyler McCracken


Yes, we are still an active hard money lender in Charlotte, NC. I will say that we are a small family boutique with limited funds tending to prioritize our existing clientele. However, I would recommend emailing me at the address listed above on this page and/or via linkedIn to meet and discuss.



Alpheus Arrington

Hi , I am looking for a hard money lender for wholesaleing and fix and flip properties.

Tyler McCracken


We are a hard-money lender for Charlotte, NC. We prefer to developing a relationship with a client prior to doing business, however, I can be found at a few of the local real estate groups, perhaps we can meet?

Joshua Clubb

Thank you Tyler, I’ve been told I’m crazy or that my mind is jumping all over the place. I have been telling people this for years and yet have to found someone whom not only thinks the same way but has accomplished the theory. It would be my honor to work with you. Please contact me via email or phone. Thanks for your time and consideration. Yours truly,
Joshua Clubb


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