“Yeah.., It’s been a ride… I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one.  Now some of you might still be in that place -If your trying to get out, just follow me… I’ll get you there….”

-Marshall B. Mathers

Facing Your Fears

Looking over Chicago in a 100% Glass Floored & Enclosed Box 100+ Floors up…

Are you afraid of success?  It is ok if you are -as we’ve all been there….

I’ve got an old real estate friend whom I hadn’t talked to in awhile and just 5 minutes with him quickly snapped back thoughts I’d forgotten.  He said he was reading another great motivational auto-biography of some Fortune 500 guy and said it was good…, But  “they never really share the day in the life…. What I want to know is about the blood, sweat, and tears that got that man to the pinnacle of his success.  I feel like I am alone in this world of entrepreneurship and not totally convinced I’m on the right track at times.  I wish those guys would/could relate to my level from a day to day basis…”

Boy if that didn’t hit home!!!

While I certainly do not believe I have reached all that I’ve been put on this Earth to do…., like you -I have been (and am) there.  Often we see those who’ve achieved the “Supposed Pinnacle of Success” (or at least in our preconceived dream) and revel in the success, the confidence, the look, or even the pictures of checks (if your being sold)….

Truth is it takes a lot of work.  Some may see a pic of my pool, or notice the time I spend online, or imagine that the grass is really always greener (on that other side), truth be told what is not seen is the countless hours of dedication, sacrifice, and sweat to make it happen.  The stories I could tell -heck we all have them, right?

I started young at the age of 24 and spent most of my twenties working a corporate job and investing in rentals on the side.  That meant rental work before 7am, lunch, and often hustling off from work to a property for many hours thereafter.   Do you think when I pulled out of my driveway on Saturday mornings at 6am on my way to an investment property…, that at times I wasn’t envious of my fellow neighbor still sleeping in, reading the paper (with coffee) on the front porch, or out enjoying time with their family?  

Absolutely.  Sure, there were times I questioned what I was doing.  Makes you wonder why I moved to the remote mountains of Colorado for a year -huh? -that’s another story.  My point.  We must stay focused when we’re in the battle. The battle of life were one wants to get ahead.  To better ourselves from both an individual, familial, spiritual, and financial basis.  We all want that carrot!  But, for most of us it’s not an easy road.   I want what you do -a better life for myself, my family -the kids.

Financial Independence

So what are your fears!?!

Can you tap into that energy?  Harness it.  Use it to drive your passion and dreams…. While it may not always be healthy.., I harness my fears of inadequacy, and self doubt.  All those things filled in my head that makes me tell myself that I am not as good as you.  Grab that anger -and do something good with it.  Those mornings and nights pulling staples out of hardwood floors, cleaning filthy toilets, and dealing with deadbeats trying to steal my last dime… nite in, nite out.  Just how do you think I do it!?!

You see that’s what I did (and do) to get me through.  I really felt I had no choice as there was no alternative.  Was I perfect?  Did I waiver at times?  I am just like you -we are all human.  Like you.  I have a dream…, a goal.  Staying focused is key and what better then to harness that most volatile energy one has inside…, to make it through…

It isn’t going to be easy.  But you can do it -if you want it.  Trust me.

I’m not afraid….


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Written by Tyler McCracken

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