Forward motion...As individuals, we all have issues that seem to hang us up.  Most of us are here discussing real estate because of a need and/or desire to find another way in achieving financial freedom and independence.  I found that I was seeking more when it seemed as if I was hitting a brick wall -being held back if you will.  Often our hang-ups are due to our own personal issues such as  ‘feeling less than’ or ‘not good enough’  -I challenge you to consider that the issues come from within and are personal (or your issues) versus external circumstances that are holding you back.

We’ve all heard the excuses right?  if not in fact, perhaps, using them presently?   You know -like the excuses of no credit, bad credit, no money, lack of education, police record, divorce, bankruptcy, or the old negative’s thinking of “I can’t….”

Can I ask a question???

What good does it do to focus on those issues?  Sure -they maybe factual.  So what.  They exist.  Deal with it and move on.   I mean -isn’t the goal to achieve basic human characteristics of happiness, a sense of belonging, love, independence, etc.?  right?

Smile for a moment 🙂 (if your not)…..

My point is that for me to move forward and actually achieve goals I find that I have to do a few things:

1. Focus on myself -the more I work on my own issues the better the World around me gets

2. Focus on the positive aspects of life (and thoughts); after-all, what good does stirring in the negative do?

3. Seek Help & Help others…

4. Take Action and do it (don’t think).

Do I make sense?  Know I am nowhere preaching perfection here.  For those that know me, I have had great success in the business world due to lots of hard work, some luck, and more hard work.   However, personally I have paid a price in other realms of my life due to insecurities and self created fears.  Better yet -Check out my article “Are You the Problem”

So is achieving the goal the problem?  Do you struggle with consistancy or ability to make progress?  lack of focus and direction are typically the problem….

Then It’s time to get real.

What do you want!?!  and just how do you think it will happen without action?  No it doesn’t just all happen instantly -it could take days, months, years, a lifetime…  The point is you have to get up and do it -whatever that is.  Day in and day out -before you know it what it is you need is your new routine…..

Did you know that I’ve been investing in Real Estate for 20 years…

Written by Tyler McCracken

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