I met with a fellow friend and real estate investor the other day to discuss challenges we’re working on with our real estate investments.  It was a very productive meeting that actually lasted 3 hours.  The topic was not improved tenant screening, creative financing techniques, marketing programs, nor systems for efficiency or guaranteed success.  The topic was about ‘US’.  Often the most important issues in our day to day lives of ensuring a well rounded healthy lifestyle is not just predicated on wealth -but based on self improvement by working on ourselves to improve our individual, family, and work environments.

You see….   I contend this is the number one issue that separates those whom have the ability to lead rich lives (both personally and financially) and those whom wander through it ‘wishing’ for something better.   That magic cure just does not exist!   No guru coarse, degree, or even windfall of money (ever see the odds of those who win the lottery become worse off after-wards?), will cure the problems that we face on a day to day basis.   We can be given all the money, support, tools, and advise needed; unfortunately, we as individuals will let it waste away if left to our own repetitive dysfunctions.

I don’t want to come across as all wishy-washy to some of you; however, I want you to understand that success (whether that is as an individual, son, mom, dad, employee, boss, real estate investor, etc.) comes from within.   We are all repeatedly told what it is we need to do to succeed.  It’s not that complicated. Yet, repeatedly we come up with excuses and/or rationalizations as to why that’s not what is right for us.  Right!?!

We seem to have all the answers; however, none of the results we’d like.   How funny!  How sad!!!

Look.  I am not some self-help guru.   I’m an individual that faces challenges in life just like everyone else (at some level or another).   Often I found that if I had the answers, I would not have had the challenge nor constant repetition of it.

The answers lay in these four basic premises:

  • Blinders.  Remove them.  That means have the ability to actually hear and listen to advice and other perspectives.  Perhaps we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.
  • Listen.  When you ask for advice, write it down immediately or soon after-wards.  One will see that the answer sits somewhere within that guidance.
  • Plan.  Write out a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plan of action.  Simplify it into tiny achievable actions.
  • Just DO IT.  This is what separates success from failure.   Action.  Don’t think about it, analyze it, or worry about it.  Take that plan and do it.  It is your road map not meant to be questioned nor deviated from.

I hope you understand that this is really what its all about.  Whether its overcoming a personal issue, becoming a better mother or father, moving up the ladder at work, or creating total self-sufficiency and wealth with real estate investments.   Being honest and realistic first and foremost with myself is the the first step.  I find that when I work on my own issues first and help others realize truth too -that I’m able to be a better person not only to myself but to all those whom surround me.  When that’s achieved,  I find that I can follow those four basic steps.

From a real estate perspective,  I need to focus on my problems and create growth too.  Following the above guidelines maps out what I need to do: whether it means a tighter applications screening and rent collections policy or a road map to acquiring more rentals.   Looking back in retrospect, I am constantly amazed at what I achieve by simply following this road map.   Am I perfect?  Certainly not.  Life is a journey -one that I work hard at learning to enjoy and succeed at.

So I will ask you.  Are you the problem?  Do you know all the answers?  Are you now prepared to take advice and execute?  If you do, I promise that you’ll be rewarded with all the abundance that life has to offer.

Tyler McCracken – A NC Real Estate Investor

June 24th, 2010

Written by Tyler McCracken

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