dropofwaterAs Real Estate Investors, we must prepare ourselves for change in our business and everyday life.  Every so often I have a moment of deep awakening from a lesson learned in life through others or some great event.  Going through life I’ve had a couple distinct moments: college, my 2002-04′ rental vacancy factor, 2007-09′ real estate depression, and 2012 learning to live life. In all reality, sometimes I feel like I’ve come full circle and sometimes I wonder why it takes so long.  I’m often taught that life is a journey of lessons and realize that I am blessed to being open to those occurrences.

I sat down to watch “We Bought A Zoo” the other night and it took me back to the very core of my being.  If you’ve not seen the movie it’s about a man and his children whom lost there way (after he lost his wife).  A story about a wild ride of adventuring through life and seeking the meaning of what its all about.  For me it was all I could do to not break down and lose it.  Isn’t that what we all want?  The adventure of a lifetime filled with love, joy, prosperity, security, and peace.

There was a time were I thought a location change would do the trick (at 8100 feet elevation) in an absolute serene and beautiful mountain town in Colorado.  I tried the corporate world up the elevator to the sky…  Kids. The house.  The car.  Even businesses with success, headwinds, and failures too.

You see for me -I’ve discovered that life is more than what it appears.  It is about the adventure and truly breathing in all that it has to offer.   As you may have heard me state in prior articles,  I’ve been there.  The blinders full on and guiding me down a path I thought was right.   How wrong I was.

You see.  I used to think Real Estate was the solution to solving all life’s demands and issues.   It’s no different then the job, that car, fame, or even money.   These are all tools of the trade.  True success comes from finding, being, and enjoying oneself from within.  It’s taken 40+ years of life for me to have these realizations.  No regrets as it takes what it takes -ya know.  I’m just grateful that I’ve been blessed with the discovery.

So while it’s good to dream…., dream of all the real possibilities that real estate can bring to you -it’s key to remember that true success comes from within.



Written by Tyler McCracken

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