Make It Happen

Make It Happen


What is it you desire in life…

You see I grew up in family centered on rehabbing, selling homes, and moving on to the next mixed in with pure business and investment conversations.  I witnessed both entrepreneurship, corporate ladder climbing, and also basic survival with nothing but a dream.  For one to find what they desire they must pursue that which they enjoy.

Check out this Video:  What would you do if money were no object?

Personally, I feel like I grew up in the complete opposite direction as most.  The focus was on business and investment -achieving the pinnacle without abandon; whereas most seem to be more family and lifestyle focused. I would recommend a healthy mix -of course.  Of all things, it was my grandmother, Pearl, whom shared with me some of the secrets of life -such as following your dream.   It was Pearl that advised her son-in-law (my father) to pursue his dream rather than take a grueling corporate climb into a top law firm (as he had his choice) and so it was Pearl that gave me my first push into real estate investing, with my “Four-plex real estate investment“.

I started out in life fresh from college and landed in the World of Corporate Credit and Risk Management and while I thrived on the excitment and challanges -something didn’t feel right.  I always said I would push both my corporate job and my real estate investing to the max…, and that one day the direction would be clear.

You see…, I don’t believe it matters whether one comes from a rich or poor, highly educated or not, or challenged lifestyle to succeed or not.  Success has nothing to do about money -however, with the right luck, some hard work, and the power of compounding over time the money may just follow.  The secret is in doing what you truly desire.  Find it, work it, and all else will follow…



Written by Tyler McCracken

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