Knock It Out of the Park!

Gosh -you know I’m beach-side as I write this and the feelings and emotions are incredible.  The rush of excitement (not just from a vacation) as I feel the stress melting away is incredible.  You see…, I feel as though I am opening a new (but really old) chapter in my life of pushing forward, letting go, and doing what is naturally the next step -both in real estate & my life too.  Yes -that’s a mouthful and may not even make sense to all.  What I’m saying is that “I am back”.  I have ‘Re-Charged” myself in a way that my state of mind is healthy.  One that will allow me learn, grow, adapt, and enjoy the gifts given.

My real estate investment and finance operations have been taxing since the financial meltdown in the Fall of 2008.  Playing defense, gnawing on nails, sleep-less nights, not knowing where  it’ll all end up has been stressful -to say the least.  I have mentored many real estate investors in trying to navigate the virtual tsunami we’ve faced in the Great REAL Estate Depression.  After-all,  many of us have lived through 20, 30, 50, 60%+drops in real estate values and/or cash flow with at least one real estate investment in our portfolio (if not all).   Calling it “Scary” is an understatement.

Despite how real all of that is from a financial, familial, and individual basis, the truth is that I allowed my mental game to slip.  What’s that saying “When your own house is in order, the right answer will come true….”  You see on reflection, there is so much more than material things (which is what all the fretting is really about -right?).   It’s not about who (or you) we are -such as a Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, or even an employee for that matter.  It’s about who we are -as an individual in character, strength,and total mind-set.

After-all, there are no secrets to making money with real estate.  Sure…, a vast amount of education, experience, capital, skills, and a road-map (plan) can certainly accelerate it all (especially the more traits one has to bundle together).  The truth is that it is all about our Mental State of Mind in Health & Spirit.

For me…, I’ve been able to find that harmony again “Were I know it will work out” and the faith and conviction in my life will seek me through it.  I trust “it” again -which is really saying “I trust myself” too.  That’s easier said then done -especially if you’ve been licking your wounds as of late.

My challenge to you?!?  Step away from it all…..   All the stress’ers and strains….  Focus on re-vitalizing your mental and physical condition.  Read.  Seek Guidance.  Take Action.

For me it is important to talk to others about that which troubles me -others whom are in a healthy state of mind to help point me in the right direction.  Sometimes, my problems are utter B.S., and I’m guided to the real underlying issues which is opposite of what I originally thought.  If I could recommend one book.  One that will require action -afterwards.  “The Charge”.  Exercise.  Rinse & Repeat.

To take your real estate investing operation to the next level, you’ve got to be in an utterly Top State of Mind!

Go Get Your A-Game On!

(originally written Beach-side at Folly Beach, SC July 2012)


Written by Tyler McCracken

Local Real Estate Investor & Hard Money Lender in Charlotte, NC - Read Bio at our "About Us" page on the top right of this page.