Sometimes you have got to keep making offers until the right investment property, business, and/or stock/bond investment connects. Often it can be seen in the eyes of those new to the world of investing: they come to real estate investment groups, buy books or courses, talk the talk; however, can be 2-3 years into the concept of investing -yet,  have never pulled the trigger.   Anybody who has been in the real estate investment world and NEVER heard the mantra “you’ve got to make offers -without offers you’ll never buy” has missed a golden rule.

I have got to admit that I’ve never built up a high volume business of buying multiple rentals, wholesale, and or rehab-to-retail deals.  My acquisitions were built on the old fashion method of word of mouth (networking), neighborhood farming, and constant review of Realtor multiple listings.   From my private money operations,  I have seen (from a distance) many investors whom used sophisticated software tools, direct mail, and internet operations to make multiple offers from many different angles.   One of my clients had a monthly marketing budget of @$3k/month -think he moved some property?  Sure Did!

My point?

You will never achieve what you desire unless you reach for it.  In order to reach those goals, one will need to outline a path of progress, take the actions necessary, and repeat (with adjustments) until the goal is achieved.

Why do I say this?

As an active member of a Charlotte North Carolina real estate investment association (such as, Metrolinareia),  I have seen alot of (potential) investors come and go.  Whether money, skills, or time is an issue, these people miss what it is they sought to achieve. Sadly, its no different in the circles of investors that attend stock investing, MLM, franchise, and/or business opportunity events.  Many summons the courage to show up (heck -that’s half the battle) and then never follow up with working the tools presented.

I took some heat a few months back with my article, Missing the Keys to Success, over my opinion of MLM’s.  Some missed the point. Personally, they are not for me; however, if that’s the tool that feels right for you -great!  Do me a favor though -use those tools and take the actions required to achieve the dreams you seek.

As I had mentioned,  I have not set up a high volume type operation.  My rental property investments took over a decade to amass -with pruning and adjustments along the way.  Looking back,  I know I could of achieved alot more had I made more offers (action); however, there are no regrets.  Presently, I’m looking to branch out by adding a totally different industry (business) that has intrigued me for a few years -the internet.  Over the past two years, I have looked at many different internet businesses and opportunities -many have just not fit the bill. However, I have made offers (action), and even gone under-contract on a few.   Yes, I’m a newbie when it comes to this business industry-so I’m apprehensive, conservative, if not out right scared at times to pull the trigger.  Sound familiar? It’s very common for those who are in a new and unfamiliar world -just like a beginner in the world of real estate investing.

Sooner or later,  I will find my new investment opportunity (just like you will) if I continue to follow my plan with action.     If you feel like your alone and in uncharted waters, rest easy as your not alone. That is what life is all about.  Read my article, “Are You Scared…”,  to see my thoughts from last year.  Use the tools your given and start making offers…

Written by Tyler McCracken

Local Real Estate Investor & Hard Money Lender in Charlotte, NC - Read Bio at our "About Us" page on the top right of this page.